Birds of Half Moon Bay

Blackbird, Brewer's

This web page contains pictures and information about the birds that you see in Half Moon Bay. I update this page to add new birds when I can photograph them, and I replace the current pictures with better ones whenever I can. The pictures on this web site were all taken around Half Moon Bay, but the audio recordings are linked to recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. You can click on any of the pictures of birds on this page to see additional pictures of that bird. You can then click on any of those pictures to enlarge them.

Blackbird, Brewer's

Brewer's Blackbird

The Brewer's blackbird is about 9 inches from beak to tail. The male is an all-black bird with a yellow eye. In sunlight, it may have a slight purple or greenish sheen. The female is brownish-gray with a dark eye.

These are the birds that you see picking through the leftovers in many outdoor restaurants.

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